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What We Do

Our job is to ensure that every person, through every contact, via every channel is experiencing your brand in the exact manner you want it experienced. Each of the services we offer contributes to assuring that this is the case.

  • Brand Management
  • Website Development
  • Graphic
  • Promotional Creative
  • Mobile Engagement
  • Accessibility Integration
  • Interface Assessment
  • Campaign Preparation

CCI Studios provides high-quality products under tight timelines and we recommend CCI Studios as a top choice for design.

- Heather Macdonald, Senior Coordinator, Kaiser Lachance Communications

How We Do It

You want something done and you want it done well. Today's creative digital environment is the major driver behind how products and services are sold, so navigating the proper implementation of these pieces directly impacts your bottom line.  

Creating these pieces requires skill, expertise and experience - three things that we at CCI believe we can offer you. Oh - and good times, too. That's an awesome thing we do pretty well.

Here is how we bring your idea to life:

Step 1
Together, we map out exactly what you need to maximize your impact with potential customers. Our brainstorming sessions will find the ideal balance of creative and educational to convey to your market.
Step 2
Armed with a plan, we sketch, scribble, edit and digitize the components of your branding effort. Working closely with you, this is where the representation of your product and/or service comes to digital life onscreen.
Step 3
Once we have the perfect representation of your brand, we set out to make the pieces that the market will utilize. Be it websites, print, cross-media promotions, social media or mobile applications - this step gives those core resources a digital heartbeat.
Step 4
Now is the time! With every portion of your brand ready to go, we roll it out to the market and watch as you separate yourself with a unique, creative and fresh identity. Good times, indeed.

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