Transplant Informed

Transplant Informed is a promotional campaign CCI worked on in partnership with energi PR and Astellas Pharmaceuticals.

The project's aim is to raise awareness for transplant patients and provide them with an online resource where they can be updated on all aspects of living with a transplant. Areas such as nutrition, exercise and medication are just a few of the areas that detailed information is provided on.

The project not only provides an online location where transplant recipients can view information, but the data is also provided via printed materials and display boxes. This information is made available to patients in participating physician offices across Canada. The purpose is to educate and inform recipients and potential recipients of lifestyle changes that may take place.

CCI was responsible for developing all branding elements of this project, including the brand details and logo design. Upon completion of the brand, CCI was then tasked with designing all information materials for all areas of education. As a supplement to these materials, the design and development of the web component was also completed. This website was designed to be a direct digital representation of the educational materials that had been created. The last piece of the project was to create the packaging for the educational materials that will be available in physician's offices.

The full Transplant Informed project is currently being completed and will be rolled out across Canada in the Spring of 2015.


  • Brand Development
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Promotional Creative

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